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Bestobell Steam M3A/GM3 Series Delta Element Steam Trap


Bestobell M3A/GM3
KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Bestobell Steam GM3/M3A Series Delta Element Steam Trap

For process and space heating services

Designed for fast start-up and modulating discharge with no live steam loss on services up to 30 psig. Ideal where a forged body with "Y" type strainer is required to handle light condensate loads including low pressure dripleg.


  • CRN Registration Number Available
  • Single blade element - offers long-term, trouble-free service because it's not prone to dirt build up 
  • Stainless Steel internals - highly resistant to fatigue and corrosion and completely renewable 
  • Built-in strainer and check valve - y-type strainer is included to protect trap from dirt; integral check valve prevents backflow during shutdown 
  • Modulating discharge - automatically adjusts to operating pressure and load, overcoming problems associated with cyclic discharge 
  • Continuous air and CO2 venting - maximizes heat transfer while minimizing corrosion 
  • No loss of live steam - utilizes thermostatic and thermodynamic forces for steam-tight shutoff for greater energy efficiency and extended seat life. 

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