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ABB Cable Thermometers and Compact Thermometers

Rough environmental conditions, hazardous areas, space-saving installation and flexible assembly are only some examples of the skills of our daily approved reliable temperature sensors

KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  TSMI Data Sheet

These mineral insulated cables are assembled with plastic cable, plug or housing. ABBs TSMI Range controls small RTD or thermocouple thermometers, from mineral insulated cable which are heat and corrosion resistant, for direct contact with the medium or the pipe surface. Universally applicable even in close site conditions, they are bendable for installation./  

  • several plugs, cables and connectors
  • ATEX EEx i, certified
  • ATEX, intrinsic safety
  • Temperature range = -200 to +1000 C (-328 to +1832 F)
  • Max. Pressure = 100 bar (1450 psi)
  • Output signal = Sensorsignal
  • Response time = short - medium
  • Applications = Manufacturing systerms, Surface temperature measurement



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