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Parker Flange Manifolds 


Parker Flange Manifodls
 Parker Flange Data Sheet


This manifold is designed to replace conventional multiple-valve instrument installations. By combining customer specified valves into a single manifold the number of leak paths is reduced and the mass of the system is lowered which reduces the stresses from loading and vibration. This manifold is machined from a one piece integral forging and features ball, O.S.&Y. and needle valves in combination or all of a single design. more info...


This design is more compact than Pro-Bloc® adding to further space and weight saving possibilities, primary, secondary and bleed valves are assembled on the periphery of the flange. Monoflange manifolds are designed to incorporate primary process valves (O.S.&Y) together with standard isolation and vent needle valves in a one piece body to meet a large variety of customer requirments.

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