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Parker - Inline filters

Inline Filters

All instrumentation size systems should consider the use of filters. Any repair or maintenance work can admit dirt, chips, scale, or other contaminants to small bore tubing. The Parker F Series Filters are designed to capture contaminants from one micron to 450 micron.

These filters are compact inline designs manufactured from stainless steel or brass bar stock and have large filtration areas. They employ sintered stainless steel elements for micron ratings up to 100 and wire cloth elements for 250 and 450 micron ratings.

The elements are easily removed for cleaning or replacement to maintain suitable flow capacities.

A variety of US Customary and SI port connections, including CPI™ and A-LOK® compression, and female and male NPT are available


F12 Series Filter
F16 Series Filter
F2 Series Filter
F4 Series Filter
F4B Series Filter
F6 Series Filter
F8 Series Filter
KC Controls Inline filters  Inline filters
KC Controls Inline filters FT Series  Filter Tees

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