Jordan Valve - 14/01/2011



True or False:  High flow valves are always large and expensive. 

Answer:  False! - Not if the valve is a Jordan Valve Sliding Gate high flow valve. 

Now available in the UK from a fully trained and knowledgeable supplier, KC Controls . The Jordan Valve, due to the design of the sliding gate seat, is able to offer higher flow rates in smaller line sizes than those needed for equivalent flows in globe style high flow valves.  Less expense, lighter weight, and smaller footprint are just a few of the benefits.  High turn-down ratio is another benefit of all sliding gate high flow valves: the Mark 601 / 602 pressure regulators, Mark 501 / 502 back pressure regulators, Mark 701 / 702 pneumatic control valves, and Mark 801 / 802 temperature regulators. 

Jordan Valve high flow valves, even in smaller line sizes, have flow capacities that are unmatched by any other rising stem modulating valves.  The Mark 601 / 602, 501 / 502, 701 / 702, and 801 / 802 valves can be used on the same services as the standard sliding gate offering.  These include but are not limited to steam, gases, liquids, chemicals, cryogens, corrosives and air.  In addition to this wide-ranging media compatibility, these valves offer a variety of features and options.  The same features and benefits that have enabled sales of Jordan Valve sliding gate valves all over the world are found in our high flow valves. 


These include: 

  • Fast response to changes in process conditions
  • Straight-through flow - giving these valves exceptional turn-down ratios
  • Quiet operation through reduced turbulence
  • Reduced size and weight due to shorter stroke length
  • Minimum maintenance required 

For more information and operating parameters for Jordan high flow valves contact us on 01293 538 940 or view KC's Jordan Valve range by clicking here

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