Wireless HART Applications - 07/02/2011

Wireless HART Applications

Wireless technology offers opportunities for a wide range of applications—from adding measurements where they were previously out of physical or economic reach, to enabling plant-wide functions such as asset and people tracking, security, and worker productivity.


However, the WirelessHART specification team recognized that no one technology is right for every application. Their approach was to focus on core process-automation functions where no appropriate wireless standard existed.


Like wired HART technology, WirelessHART therefore supports the full range of process monitoring and control applications, including

  • Equipment and process monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring, energy management, regulatory compliance
  • Asset management, predictive maintenance, advanced diagnostics
  • Closed-loop control (when appropriate)

Real-world use cases—developed by HART Communication Foundation member companies based on inputs from end-users—helped the WirelessHART development team ensure the final specification provides this broad support.

WirelessHART technology will complement rather than replace wired instrumentation, and plants will often have both operating side-by-side. WirelessHART technology’s backward compatibility, including the HART command structure and Device Description Language, makes it easy to support both wired and wireless devices using the same tools.


WirelessHART also goes beyond promising device "interchangeability" to provide true interoperability. This means users can select the best WirelessHART devices regardless of manufacturer, with the assurance that compliant devices can work together in a system and be substituted for one another without loss of functionality at the host system level – just as HART devices can today.


From Wired to Wireless

Wired or wireless, HART technology provides the tools and the flexibility you need to better manage your field measurement assets. 


When HART devices are deployed the Process Variable (PV) is read at the control system via the 4-20mA loop. Though used during commissioning, the HART data is not connected to the control system in real-time, limiting the value of your asset investment.

Wired + WirelessHART Adapter
Retrofitting a wired connection to retrieve HART data may not be feasible. By connecting a WirelessHART Adapter to an existing installed device, the stranded information can be easily accessed. The HART Data is transmitted to a WirelessHART Gateway and interfaced to a control or asset management system

A WirelessHART device is a free-standing device that eliminates the analog connection to the control system. The device can be installed anywhere in the plant without the cost of wires. The PV and HART data is connected to a control or asset management system via a WirelessHART Gateway.

Wired + Wireless – Works Together!
In the real world, using a combination of both wired HART + WirelessHART technology provides a cost-effective, low-risk communication solution. Working together, your investment in installed HART devices is protected and additional HART devices can be added quickly and economically.

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