Diaphragm Seals - 04/04/2011

"All Welded" Technology

Diaphragm seals are used to isolate the pressure transmitter from process conditions that will either shorten the transmitter life or dramatically affect its performance, such as heat, vibration and noise. Equipped with the widest range of material and process connections in the industry, ABB's proven 'all welded' technology is the best choice for remote seals. The innovative wetted materials open new frontiers to enhance existing measurement life without compromising performance. In addition, ABB provides remote seals with a unique diafl ex coating that is designed to meet the most abrasive  installations.

  • All welded constructions, combines an economically feasible and technically sound solution ensuring total reliability at line pressure down to full vacuum.
  • Fill fluids dedicated for high temperature applications.
  • Specific diaphragm materials to withstand these high corrosion environments.
  • Diaphragms with anti-stick coating for those highly viscous sticky applications.
  • Industry-leading abrasion resistance for your toughest application.

Diaphragm Seal


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