Your food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications easily mastered - 10/05/2011

The CoriolisMaster is used for many applications in dairies, breweries, the alcohol industry, the beverage industry and starch production.

Direct calculation of concentration like Brix, Plato or Baumé provides advantages for blending processes of, for example, fruit juices or for the fat content adjustment of milk.

As the CoriolisMaster is insensitive to noise from gas or solid content in the fluid it is ideal for the most demanding applications.

Product details

  • Direct mass flow measurement with an accuracy of ±0.1% of range.
  • Density measurement with an accuracy of 0.001 kg/l.
  • Excellent cleanability, EHEDG certified.
  • CIP and SIP suitable up to 200 °C / 392 °F.
  • Polished fluid wetted parts.
  • Flexible, hygienic fitting concept. (For example Tri-Clamp or DIN11864).
  • Measurement of both conductive and non-conductive fluids.
  • Insensitive to noise for example from external vibrations or from gas and solid content in the fluid.

Examples of typical fluids

•  Alcohol •  Oils •  Fats •  Mashes •  Pastes •  Concentrates •  Acids •  Leaches •  Milk products •  Gyle •  Flavors •  Mayonnaise •  Beer •  Cream •  Spirits •  Sugar •  Chocolate •  Whey •  Demineralized water •  Juices

Coriolis Food Applications



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