Gas Analytical: Uras26 Infrared Photometer - 25/11/2011

The continuous NDIR industrial photometer can selectively measure concentrations of up to four sample components. The analyser features gas-filled opto-pneumatic radiation detectors. Detector filling corresponds to the gas being measured. This means that the detector provides optimum sensitivity and high selectivity compared with the other gas components in the sample.

Typical applications

− Emission monitoring to the European Directive 2001/80/EC including CO2 measurement for emissions trading

− Combustion control

− Biofermenters

Sample components – smallest measuring ranges

CO  0...100 ppm

CO2  0...100 ppm

NO  0...150 ppm

SO2  0...100 ppm

N2O  0...100 ppm

CH4 0...100 ppm

− With stainless steel piping for flammable gas mixtures
− Two measuring ranges for each component


− Automatic calibration

− Calibration with air and gas-filled calibration cells at the zero and end-point ensure plausible measured values

− Calibration cells with proven stability over many years dispense with the need for expensive test gas cylinders and reliably adjust the sensitivity 

Measurement principle

Non-dispersive infrared absorption in the wavelength range λ = 2.5...8 μm.

Infrared Photometer Uras26

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