Gas Analytical: Detection Principles - 29/11/2011

ABB Gas: Infrared Spectroscopy

CO   NO   C2H4   -   ABB URAS Analyser   -   Infrared Spectroscopy

Non-dispersive infrared absorption in the 2 .5-8µm wavelength range. The analyser features gas-filled opto-pneumatic radiation emitters and detectors. Detector gas filling corresponds to the gas being measured. This means that the detector provides optimum sensitivity and high selectivity compared with the other gas components in the sample

Gas Analytical: Ultravoilet Spectroscopy

NO   NO2   SO2   -   ABB LIMAS Analyser   -   Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

Ultraviolet resonance absorption spectroscopy (UV-RAS) for NO. Non-dispersive ultraviolet absorption (NDUV) for SO2 and NO2 in the wavelength range λ = 200...600 nm. Featuring high selectivity and true NO & NO2 measurement. Can be combined with Magnos paramagnetic oxygen device to measure all relevant pollutant and sample components such as NO, NO2, SO2 & O2.

Gas Analytical: Magnet Susceptibility

Paramagnetic O2   -   ABB MAGNOS Alanyser   -   Magetic Susceptibility

Based on the magneto mechanical measuring principle featuring selective measurement of gas molecules with paramagnetic susceptibility (attraction). Very short response time and quick process measurements gives the ability to monitor rapid changes in the concentration of the oxygen in the sample gas.

Gas Analytical: Thermal Conductivity

H2   He   -   ABB CALDOS Analyser   -   Thermal Conductivity

Measures the change of thermal conductivity of a sample gas by comparing it to an internal reference of known thermal conductivity. Silicon sensor featuring small measuring ranges and also a very short response time due to the direct coupling to the gas feed path. Typical for H2 & Ar detection.

Gas Analytical: Flame Ionization

CH4   C3H8   -   ABB MULTIFID Analyser   -   Flame Ionization

Measures the total content of organic compounds such as carbon in a given sample gas. Organic substances are ionized in a hydrogen flame giving a current proportional to concentration of organic compounds. The analyser is heated to 200 degrees C and can be directly connected to a heated sample gas line. (Not avalbile in the Easy Line Analyser)

Gas Analytical: Lazer Detection

NH3   HCl   O2   CO   -   ABB LS25 Analyser   -   Laser Detection

Selective measurement of the concentration of up to two sample components. A single absorption wavelength is selected using the principle of single-line spectroscopy where no cross-sensitivity from other gases should occur. Operating in the near-infrared wavelength, we are able to detect low concentrations of notoriously difficult to detect molecules compared to traditional photometry. Typical components being O2, CO, NH3 & HCL. (Not avalbile in Easy Line Analyser)

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