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The CoriolisMaster Series: Your Application Easily Mastered 


The precise Coriolis mass flowmeter meets your requirements for various industries and applications with the most diverse measuring ranges – from the smallest water drop to filling ocean going tankers. Take advantage of the versatile CoriolisMaster for reliable measurement of mass and volume flow, density, concentration and temperature.

ABB FCM2000 Coriolis Flowmeter


The CoriolisMaster is ideal for filling or dosing of oils, solvents and chemicals. It measures online the mass and volume flow, density, concentration and temperature of different fluids.


The high-precision density measurement provides superior accuracy for quality checking of the products or for inline blending, for example, automatic mixing of different product components.


As an integral part of the standard software you will find the greatest database for concentration measurement on the market.


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Checmial and Petrochemical Applications

Power and Water & Waste Water Applications

Food & Beverage  Applications

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Process Optimisation VideoThe ABB Mass Flow Tutorial

- for process optimisation


Learn more about the relationship between mass flow and volume metric flow and how correct selection of the flow variable can lead to significant process optimisation and cost effectiveness.


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