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ABB Flow Measurement Special


NEW Process Master 500


Enhanced diagnostics



Full Pipe, Empty Pipe & Gas Bubble Detection


High Light Process Errors & Reduce Downtime

New Features Assist Process On Board Batch Software


Reduces Product Losses & Optimises Online Verification via ABB Cerimaster software


 Allows Meter Verification In the line –A major reduction in downtime, giving a high level of confidence

Process Diagnostics


Conductivity Detection


Enables product identification


FMT500-IGSimple Installation Gives Accurate

Mass Flow of Gasses


The FMT Range of Thermal Mass Flow Meters for gases provide a direct mass flow or standard volume flow signal without further pressure or temperature compensation.

With long term stability and a good base accuracy the FMT might be just what is needed to ensure optimisation of your gas flow processes.


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ABB - WMC / WMF / WMPDifficult Flow Application?


        Introducing the universal Wedge Meter:

  • Ideal for Slurries as well as Liquids, Gas and Steam
  • High Accuracy: Better than ±0.5% of rate
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Minimum upstream and downstream piping requirements

        Making Flow Measurement ‘Available’ In ALL Applications


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Measuring liquid or gas flow on discharge?


Click here to download the latest publication on MCERTS  (The Environmental Agencies Monitoring Certification Scheme)


We can help you to be compliant !

ABB Flow Measurement Special