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The Brewing Process (2 of 3)

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In this second part of our “Brewing process” campaign we are going to closely look at the following:
  • The next stage in this process
  • What products we offer
  • The benefits to your brewery by using these products.
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For controlling yeast dosing, two TurbiGuard sensors are used and connected to a control unit SICON M (stage 4). The first TurbiGuard measures the turbidity of the cold wort, the second TurbiGuard measures the turbidity with the yeast added. If not enough yeast is added, the fermentation can be slower. This would result in a reduction of the capacity. If too much yeast is added, the yeast harvest will produce undesirably large amounts of yeast, which is not efficient and leads to further delays/costs in the beer production.

Stage 5 in the image above represents the Fermentation process and its one of the most important process steps in the production of beer. Due to the time scale of the fermentation process it’s important to use a PhaseGuard, which can quickly and accurately detect the phase transition of yeast/beer, to allow a yeast harvest with a high dry matter content.
The main benefit in clarifying the beer during fermentation and storage lies in the fact that the production time is shortened, beer losses are reduced and the working cycle of the filter is improved so that the total brewing process becomes optimized as regards to costs. In order to optimally operate the separators, reliable turbidity sensors, like the PhaseGuard, are needed (stage 6). 

Classical beer filtration consists of at least one Kieselguhr filter, which is mostly followed by a fine filter and, in larger breweries also by a PVPP-filter for stabilization. As shown in the image at stage 7 & 8, the inlet & outlet of the Kieselguhr filter is an important location for measuring turbidity with the help of a TurbiScat. It would also be beneficial to monitor the colour of the beer after filtration at stage 9; this can be done with the help of a ColourPlus in-Line as it uses a dual-beam measurement for high stability.
TurbiGuard     PhaseGuard            TurbiScat                  ColourPlus In-line
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