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Parker Thermoplastic Hosing & Tubing 

Parker Thermoplastic Tubing and Hose
KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Parker Thermoplastic &Tubing Data Sheet


Parflex reinforced thermoplastic hose has the industry’s highest level of abrasion resistance, outlasting rubber hose in lab tests by as much as 10:1. Hoses are available in long lengths, reducing short hose lengths. Parflex hoses are lighter in weight than comparably sized rubber hoses, in some cases up to 40% lighter. UV resistant jacket, tight bend radius. Other benefits include:

  • Easy to cut and couple.
  • UV resistant
  • Low volumetric expansion, less energy loss and faster reaction times.
  • Clean core tubes reduce the possible contamination of hydraulic systems
  • Tight bend radius.


  • ThermoPlastic tubing comes in a variety of materials including:

Polyethylene Tubing

  •  FDA, NSF Standard 51 and NSF Standard 61 compliant materials available.
  •  Meets ASTM D-1693
  •  Natural “E” Series is made of 100% virgin resin material.
  •  Available in HD – High Density and FRPE – Flame retardant plenum


  • Polypropylene tubing meets FDA, NSF Standard 51 for all food contact applications
  • Polypropylene tubing exhibits excellent chemical resistance to chlorinated water applications
  • Polypropylene tubing is commonly used in outdoor applications where UV light stabilization is required

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

  • PVC tubing is made from 100% virgin resin material and meets all FDA specifications for materials in contact with food and drugs.
  • PVC tubing is very flexible (70 Durometer) tubing that is crystal clear and is Ideal for situations where visible fluid flow is necessary (i.e. sight gages for tank identification)

Nylon Tubing

  • Flexible Nylon tubing use high grade resins for strength and flexibility for routing in tight spaces
  • Semi rigid high strength Nylon use high grade resins without the addition of plasticizers for higher pressure tubing applications.
  • Pure Air Tubing (PAT) is the tubing choice for pure air systems (Semiconductor) due to its cleanliness in addition to excellent chemical and UV light resistance


  •  Polyurethane tubing is a flexible, kink resistant and abrasion resistant material commonly used in pneumatic applications
  •  Polyurethane is available in multiple transparent and opaque colours for system colour coding
  •  Polyurethane is available in the following durometers (measurement of material hardness):
  •  Low Durometer (85-most flexible, very soft)
  •  Medium Durometer (90-less flexible)
  • High Durometer (>95-least flexible, highest pressures)

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