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Parker Phastite Tube Connectors

Phastite Tube Connectors

A Ferrule-less, Push-Fit Connector.

Phastite is a breakthrough in tube connection systems; its innovative design concept combines quick installation with a simple assembly process achieving a tube connector that can be used in applications up to 20,000 psi/ 1380 bar (see pages 19, 20 & 21).

The product is manufactured from standard materials and requires no special processes to be adopted.

Phastite makes the perfect replacement for other fitting methods currently being utilised and performance parameters are such that it is suitable for pressure applications up to 20,000 psi/1380 bar (see pages 19, 20 & 21). Specifically, Phastite is a reliable alternative to high pressure connections and/or welded connectors in these applications.


Phastite has been specifically designed to meet ever-increasing industry standards and demands with regards to tube connectors and pressure containment. The latest CAE and FEA techniques have been employed to optimise the design of the connectors and assembly tooling.


State of the art machining centres and over 40 years of connector manufacturing has been utilised for accurate and consistent manufacturing of Phastite connectors. Manufactured in Parker's facilities where strict quality controls are employed to ensure reliability and consistency.


Phastite meets all the relevant performance and functional requirements of industry standards, including pressure containment to a safety factor of a minimum of 4:1, proven by actual tubing burst tests. Throughout the development of Phastite, product performance and integrity were paramount. A rigorous testing program including Thermal Cycling, Shock, Vibration, Helium Leak, Gas Tight and Hydrostatic testing has been completed.

KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Phastite Tube Connectors Data Sheet

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