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ABB Sanitary Application Thermometers

Rough environmental conditions, hazardous areas, space-saving installation and flexible assembly are only some examples of the skills of our daily approved reliable temperature sensors


KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  TSHY Data Sheet


The temperature sensors have been designed, in terms of construction, choice of materials and
mounting, specifically for use in the food and beverage industries.

  • Short response time
  • Mounting suitable for CIP
  • Fast response - Halftime < 2.5 s
  • Various designs- sensor smooth, with threaded compression fitting or welded flange
  • Corrosion-resistant- sensor and connection head made of stainless steel, IP 66
    Hygienic- materials permissible for use with food, surface polished smooth, mounting suitable for CIP (Cleaning In Place)
  • High operational reliability- components have long-term stability and are maintenance-free, environment-resistant and vibration-resistant.
  • Type approved- for use in milk-heating plants which require approval, in accordance with Directive 85/357/EEC or the German Milk Executive Order (MVO)



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