Sigrist Water Analysers
Preferred Route to Market to the UK 


With experience in sales and support for optical and photometric devices, KC Controls has been the natural choice for Sigrist when looking for a new channel partner in the UK. With the capability to understand water and waste application for high accuracy turbidity, colour and UV254 instruments for water quality recording. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that as from 1st January 2015 KC Controls is now the sole UK provider of Sigrist instrumentation to the UK water industry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your applications and for support of the many Sigrist devices currently in use on UK water facilities or need new innovate devices to measure water quality, turbidity, colour and UV254 contaminants. We are here to assist!

Look out for our new product: the Sigrist Aquamaster Multi-Parameter Measuring System for Water Treatment Works.

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AquaMaster  - Multiparameter Measurement from a single point.

Reducing panel space and cost the AquaMaster is a compact measuring system for the following parameters: turbidity, pH, conductivity, Redox, dissolved oxygen and temperature. The various parameters can be combined individually. The colour touch screen is the central control and display unit, as well as the connection to the host control system. Up to 8 measuring values can be transmitted. The measuring station is delivered completely pre-mounted. It requires only connecting the water in let and water outlet. Holders and trays are integrated to leave both hands free for cleaning and calibration tasks . 

AquaScat – Contactless Turbidity with self-calibration

Reducing the need and cost for site maintenance and remote site attendance the AquaScat measures the turbidity of potable water according to IEC27027 using 90+ degrees of scattered light detection in a free falling water stream. This contactless design eliminates window fouling and minimizes servicing to a minimum. Calibration checks are performed with a calibration unit that is either mounted onto the unit or is already built in.

ColorPlus – Colour and UV absorbtion for fast detection of contaminates directly inline 

ColorPlus measures the colour/absorbance online at up to three different wavelengths. The bypass measuring cell has been specifically designed for applications within the water industry. Depending on the configuration it allows measuring DOC (UV absorption) and colour (Hazen) simultaneously and to compensate turbidity. Soiling of the flow cell is measured by means of a compensation glass in the interior of the flow cell. The effect of cell soiling is greatly reduced internally; constant and precis e measured values are guaranteed.

OilGuard – Reduce the risk of plant contamination and save clean up time with immediate oil detection 

OilGuard works on the fluorescence principle. The design uses a free-fall measuring system that eliminates contact between the sample and the flow cell. Adoptions to various types of oil are carried out by means of calibration curves, a control glass makes it easy to check or recalibrate the instrument


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