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Slick Sleuth
Now distributed by KC Controls 

Slick Sleuth

Now being distributed in the UK by KC Controls, the Slick Sleuth range of non-contact oil spill detectors could potentially save UK businesses millions every year. 

Ideal for tank farms, power stations, water companies and numerous other industries, Slick Sleuth is a cost effective way to fulfil your environmental requirements. Slick Sleuth’s products give those in possession of any above-ground oil, or those tasked with any open water usage or conservation of any kind the ability to continuously monitor for any leaks or spills. Offering on-water oil detection, the Slick Sleuth range can provide two worthwhile services to a business. Firstly, to alert immediately in the event of a leak or spill happening. And secondly to prove your business’s innocence in the case of any wrongdoing. Both services could potentially see businesses save considerable on clean-up costs and environmental fines.

The Slick-Sleuth range of Oil-Spill detection products solve many problems that rival products consistently run into. With non-contact detection, maintenance costs are low, meaning no more costly refurbs or time consuming deep-cleans of your units. The Slick Sleuth range also offers real time event alert and response, meaning that the timely delays in sample testing etc. is a thing of the past. Payback occurs within a single detection, making the Slick Sleuth systems highly cost effective.

‘Payback within a single detection'

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