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Slick Sleuth Network Array with Base Station 

SS Network Array
KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Slick Sleuth Network Array

The Slick Sleuth Remote Detection Stations (SS300-RDS) are used with the Slick Sleuth Base Station Computer & Application Software for standalone network applications. This differs from the Slick Sleuth Autonomous Detection Stations (SS300-ADS) where the sensors are integrated into a facility’s existing central control & monitoring systems such as a PLC or SCADA. 

A typical Slick Sleuth Remote Detection Station installation includes multiple Slick Sleuth Remote Detection Stations controlled by the Base Station. 

The Base Station provides the following primary features: 

  • Controls Remote Detection Stations
  • Coordinates 2-way communications between Remote Detection Stations and the Base Station
  • Collects data from each Remote Detection Station and provides data logging functions
  • Displays data and status of each Remote Detection Station in graphic and tabular formats
  • Outputs alarm conditions to provide remote alert notifications


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