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Slick Sleuth Options & Spares


Slick Sleuth
Recommended Options
  • Local Status / Alarm Indicators
    - Integral Indicator Lights - System Status (Green) & Oil Detection (Red)

    -  Rated for Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Installation
  • Protective Roof Cover
    - Stainless Steel Protective Instrument Roof for Added Weather & Sun Protection

As Required Options

  • Current Loop (4-20mA) Data Output
    - Three User-Selectable Output Modes: (1) Discreet, (2) Scaled or (3) Scaled withBaseline Correction

      (Diagnostic Fault Indicated at 3mA)
  • Thermostat Controlled Heater & Insulation
    - Recommended for Temperature and Moisture Control

    -  For Temperature Regulation in Extreme Cold Weather Environments
    -  Operating (Ambient) Temperature Down to -35°C / -21°F
  • Coastal/Offshore
    - Upgrade Enclosures to Powder Coating Finish

    -  Additional Desiccant Pack & Holder
    -  Protective Optics Cover (Lens & Bezel)
    -  Water-Tight Fittings
  • DC-TO-DC Voltage Converter
    - Replaces the Slick Sleuth Universal AC Power Supply and Converts 11-to-28 VoltDC Source Power to the

       Slick Sleuth SS300 Internal Operation Voltages.
    -  Note: When this option is installed the Universal AC Power Supply is removed andthe Slick Sleuth SS300
       will only operate on 11-to-28 Volt DC input
  • Solar DC Power Source Unit (PSU)
    - Solar Panels, Power Management Unit, Battery & Interconnect Cabling

    -  Provides Continuous Power for Slick Sleuth System
  • Purge System (Type Z)
    - For Use of Electrical / Electronic Devices in Class 1 Division 2 Environments

    -  Includes Pre-Regulator, Purge Regulator & Vent

Recommended Spares

  • Xenon Flash
    -  For Slick Sleuth SS100, SS300, SS320 & SS300EXd
  • Desiccant Pack 
    -  For Slick Sleuth SS300, SS320 & SS300EXd

Support Services

  • On-Site Commissioning & Training

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