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Slick Sleuth SS100 Oil Spill Detection & Alarm


KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Slick Sleuth SS100
The Slick Sleuth model SS100 Oil and Fuel Detection Sensors are designed for installation in oil storage facilities, such as tank farms and terminals. An array of oil detection sensors can be used to continuously monitor for accidnetal leaks and spills. Given ever-increasing regulatory pressures and heightened public awareness, the SS100 provides those responsible for above-ground storage tanks with a tool to automatically detect and contain spill, thus avoiding costly oil spill cleanup, mitigation, regulatory fines and public relations nightmares.
These sensor systems detect the presence of a broad range of oil types and input directly to a facility's monitoring center (DCS, SCADA, Wonderware, etc.) for real-time event alert and response. The robust sensor package is designed for all-weather installation and for use in hazardous gas environments. Installation and setup is simple, the non-contact optical system requires minimal maintenance (equivalent to a camera), and payback occurs with a single detection - making the system highly cost effective & allowing managers and operators to sleep better at night.
  • Operation :
     -  Automated, Optical, Non-Contact Sensor
     -  Continuous Monitoring for Presence of Oil
     -  Patented Technology (UV Filter-Fluorometer)
     -  Detection of Crude Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil, Diesel, Lube & Other Oil Types
  • Sensitivity : 3 +/- Micron Sheen
  • Detection : 1 Meter (Over Ground or Water)
  • Temperature :
     - -10 to +60 °C Operating
     - --40 to +75°C Non-Operating
  • Enclosure :
     -  Explosion Proof Instrument Housing
     -  (Class 1 Division 1, Zone 1)
     -  Cast Aluminium / Polyester Powder Coating
     -  Nema 4X / IP66 Watertight

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