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Slick Sleuth SS300 Oil Spill Detection & Alarm


KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Slick Sleuth SS300

Slick Sleuth Autonomous Oil Spill Detection Stations (ADS) are used in a wide variety of industrial and environmental applications for remotely detecting oil spills. Should a spill occur, Slick Sleuth provides instant detection and notification; enabling users to contain spill and avert environmental damage, costly cleanup, and possible fines or regularity penalties. The optical sensor detects small (micron-level) amounts of oil in real time, and can be configured to automatically shut off pumps or valves, activate audio/visual alarms, and notify personnel and responders via computer display and/or telephone.

Slick Sleuth is designed and manufactured for deployment in rugged settings such as offshore, coasts, harbours, inland waterways, industrial spillways, sumps and separators, retention ponds, and other environments where oil spills are of concern. Slick Sleuth oil detectors are conveniently mounted above the water (typically installed 1-5 metres above target surface), facilitating ease of installation and operation.

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