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Slick Sleuth SS 300-EXd Oil Spill Detection & Alarm


SS300 EXd
KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Slick Sleuth SS 300 EX-d

Slick Sleuth systems are used in a wide variety of industrial and environmental applications for real time detection of oil leaks and spills. Should a leak or spill occur, Slick Sleuth provides instant detection and notification; enabling users to contain the spill and avoid environmental damage, costly cleanup, fines and regulatory penalties.

Patented non-contact scanning optic and detection processor provide high sensitivity and user-adjustable alarm thresholds for detection of small (micron-level) sheens or oil slicks in real time. Slick Sleuth’s output signals can be used to activate local and remote alarms , as inputs to central monitoring and control systems (SCADA, PLC, etc,) and/or to actuate valves, shut off pumps and initiate other corrective measures.

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