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Slick Sleuth SS 360 Oil Spill Detection System 

SS 360
KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Slick Sleuth SS 360

The Slick Sleuth Rig Guard is the newest addition to the highly successful Slick Sleuth product line.

Rig Guard offers proven technology for real-time monitoring and alert of oil leaks and spills in offshore environments. The system provides operators with reliable oil-on-water detection around drill rigs, production platforms, and other offshore sites where the risk of accidental spills exists.

Whereas major offshore spills get the most attention, accidental discharges in the form of smaller-scale spills and leaks are far more common and are also of great concern. Rig Guard will detect any size surface oil sheen or slick, assuring companies who operate in environmentally sensitive marine areas that a spill will not go undetected until the problem worsens and becomes a costly incident.

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