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Jordan Valve Sliding Gate Control Valves

We offer Sliding Gate pneumatic and electric utility and process control valves featuring very high turndown ratios, extremely long seat life, compact valve/actuator sizes, ease of maintenance and fast delivery.

Mark 70
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Mark 70/701/702/711/707 Series Sliding Gate Control Valve

A line of pneumatically-operated diaphragm control valves that combine multiple spring actuators with the precision of Jordan Valve's advanced sliding gate seat for closer control and greater accuracy. The Mark 701/702 Series is for higher capacity requirements. The Mark 711 is a linear control valve in sizes up to 6" (DN150) with Cv's to 395 (339,7 Kv). The Mark 707 features an equal percentage flow characteristic

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Mark 74
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Mark 74 Bellows Seal Control Valve

Provides exceptional bellows life with a valve stroke that is just a fraction of that of other rising stem valves.

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Mark 75
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Mark 75 Series Wafer Control Valve

A lightweight, compact, wafer-style body, the Mark 75 dramatically reduces the size and weight of conventional control valves.

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Mark 76
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Mark 76 Series On/Off Control Valve

On/off control valves can be more effective, or even necessary, in some control valve processes.

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Mark 79/79MX
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Mark 79/79MX Series Three Way Control Valve

An air-operated control valve that can accept a 3-15 psi air signal from any of the temperature or process controllers sold by Jordan Valve. It is used for diverting service and is ideal for bypassing fluids around coolers or filters.

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Mark 33
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Mark 33 Series Electric Motor Control Valve

Features Jordan Valve's sliding gate seat and heavy-duty industrial motors for proportional (resistance), on-off, 4-20mA electronic control.

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Mark 37
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Mark 37 Series Final Control Element

A motor-operated control valve that combines a state-of-the-art electronic linear actuator with the exceptional performance of Jordan's sliding gate valve seat design.

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Mark 39
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Mark 39 Series Electric Three-Way Control Valve

A motor-operated three way control valve that combines the performance and excellent shutoff characteristics of the Jordan sliding gate with the time-proven quality of the Honeywell industrial motor. Available for either diverting or mixing.

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Mark 40
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Mark 40/46 Series Float/Lever Operated Control Valve

The ideal valve for low back pressure gas and liquid services. It works in conjunction with the Mark 608, in a low pressure tank blanketing valve system.

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