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Parker Parflex Metal Hoses

Parker Parflex Metal Hoses
KC Controls Pressure Regulators  Parflex Metal Hose

Parflex metal hose assemblies are designed for applications where chemicals and high temperatures, either from media or atmosphere, are present. Factory welded and read to install, these Parflex metal house assemblies are leak-free, full vacuum, hose solutions.

The 9A and 9M Parflex Metal Hose products are constructed with a hydroformed corrugated stainless steel core tube. Hydroforming, which utilises high pressure water to form the corrugations, minimizes residual stress in the metal and maintains a consistent tube wall thickness through the hose.

Any hose assembly is only as good as its weakest link. In the case of a metal hose assemble, the weakest link can be the welding process. The proprietary methods of seam and butt welding, as well as fitting attachment, utilised in Parflex assemblies are second to none and yield a consistent, reliable, leak-free connection.

Product Features:

  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Operates in high temperatures.
  • Sizes 1/4" I.D. up to 6" I.D.
  • Hydroformed design yields a uniform wall thickness, promoting even distribution of stress during flexing and reduces concentrated residual stress.
  • Full Vacuum - Maintains its shape under full vacuum; other hose types collapse.
  • Fire safety - maintains its integrity up to 1200F
  • Zero permeation
  • Leak-free fitting weld connection

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