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 Temperature Control Valves

Self-operated, industrial temperature control valves utilizing the unique Sliding Gate seat design. Due to the very short stroke length, it has narrow spans, excellent temperature control and unsurpassed seat life. Ideal for heat transfer fluids, steam, lubricating skids, storage tanks, large heat exchangers, boiler preheating, de superheating requiring +/-2-3% accuracy in a self contained control valve.

Mark 80
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Mark 80 Series Self-Operated Temperature Regulators

Completely self-operated and requires no external power source or other expensive instrumentation to operate the valve.

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Mark 82
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Mark 82 Series Internal Piloted Temperature Regulators

An internal piloted temperature regulator featuring Sliding Gate seats. All of Jordan Valve's pilot-operated temperature regulators feature advanced sliding gate seat technology

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Mark 85
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Mark 85 Series "Controlled Failure" Temperature Regulators

A self-operated temperature regulator with controlled failure option which allows one to predetermine the position of the valve in the event of a thermal system failure. Designed to fail closed on heating application and to fail open on cooling applications.

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Mark 86
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Mark 86 Series Steam Tracing Regulators

Designed to control steam tracing lines based on ambient temperatures. Commonly used to protect outdoor instrumentation, pipelines and tanks from freezing.

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Mark 87
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Mark 87 Series Externally Piloted Temperature Regulators

Engineered to provide wide rangeability and greater accuracy for a variety of temperature control applications

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Mark 89
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Mark 89/89MX Series Three-Way Temperature Regulators

Used for diverting service and is ideal for bypassing fluids around coolers or filters

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