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Marwin Valve Two Piece Ball Vales

For economical and worry free applications available as either manual or automated in brass, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Mark 627
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600 Series 

A full range of economical brass ball valves intended for common fluid control applications. Available in standard and full port threaded, full port solder end, and full port threaded end direct mount.

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Mark 630
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9000 Series

The Marwin 9000 Series is constructed with a one piece body and threaded end cap which gives maximum structural strength while minimizing the number of potential leak paths through the valve.

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Mark 68HP
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DM9000 Series

The DM9000 Series is a direct mount automated ball valve. It is available in sizes 1/2" through 2" in full port stainless steel. It is designed for economical automation, and features a machined mounting pad for direct mounting of pneumatic or electric actuators. Vacuum services is to -25 inches mercury.

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