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Parker VacuSealtm Fittings

UltraSeal Fittings


Parker UHP fittings are designed as leak-free components for critical applications where ultra-high pure conditions arerequired. VacuSeal™ products, with their mating gasket and toroid design, provide a metal-to-metal seal with leak-free service from vacuum to positive pressure.

TorqTite™ gasket to seal damaged toroids andvirtually eliminate loosening of componentry due to thermocycling and vibration.

High- Purity Nickel and Hastelloy C-22® glands for extremely corrosive applications.

Non-Rotational Female Nut to prevent transmission oftorque during make-up and therefore minimize twist of componentry which causes stress concentration.

Anti-Galling Female Nut to ensure consistent makeupwithout plating or lubrication.


KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  VacuSeal Fittings Data Sheet

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