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 Valve Positioners

Top-mounted and side-mounted positioners for precise positioning of our control valves. A full range of pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, intelligent and digital positioners to suit your application and budget. Hart, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus units available for any Jordan Valve control valve.

Mark 15
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Mark 15 Series Top Mounted Pneumatic Valve Positioners

Uses the full force of its air supply to drive and maintain the piston or diaphragm in a pneumatic actuator to position a valve to what is required by control instrument, regardless of the presence of forces that change valve position.

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Mark 16
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Mark 16 Series Side Mounted I/P & P/P Positioners

Used to enhance the performance of pneumatic control valves. In conjunction with pneumatic or electronic controllers, positioners eliminate positioning errors, shorten positioning times, and determine the direction of movement for proper positioning of the valve control element.

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Mark 16IQ
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Mark 16IQ Series Smart Valve Positioners

An intelligent positioner offering precision control of both rotary and linear style control valves. Offers comprehensive diagnostics and high level customization with quick configuration and simple ease of use.

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