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Parker Welded Fittings

Parker Welded Fittings

In the chemical industry, process pressures are climbing higher and higher. The utility field, with its high steam pressures and hydraulic and pneumatic shutdown systems, demands the utmost in reliability. Nuclear power plants with their "hot" materials also have massive reliability problems. Such problem areas have given rise to the increased use of the permanent weld-type tube fittings which provide a sturdy, tight integral line system that remains unaffected by shock, vibration or thermal distortion. The Parker Weld-lok line of permanent socket weld tube fittings meets the most exacting requirements of any system.

Heat Code Traceability

Parker Hannifin's Instrumentation Connectors Division offers Heat Code Traceability (HCT) on CPI, A-LOK®, Instrumentation Pipe, Automatic Buttweld, and Weld-lok. HCT refers to the fact that a specific part can be traced back to the original mill heat of metal from which it was made. Beginning with the original melt, a package of documents is created which completely describes the metal in physical and chemical terms. The end result is that a number, which is permanently stamped to the part, refers back to the document package. The HCT number is stamped on the material (bar stock or forging) prior to manufacturing. The concept is useful because it provides a method for complete material accountability for the manufacturer and end customer.

Automatic Buttweld
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