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Wireless HART

ABB FieldKey WirelessHART Adapter

  • Add wireless to any 4-20mA HART instrument for remote access to process, configuration and maintenance information.

  • No Battery to install or manage as the FieldKey uses Energy Harvesting technology resulting in reliable and high performance wireless access

  • Small size allows the FieldKey to be quickly installed in cramped environments where other devices would require additional junction boxes to be installed.

  • WirelessHART security and reliability are built in as part of the standard.

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PEPPERL+Fuchs WirelessHART Temperature Converter

PEPPERL+Fuchs WirelessHART Gateway

  • MODBUS WirelessHART Gateway

  • Graphical network analysis

  • Simple and automatic configuration options

  • HART and MODBUS protocol via both interfaces

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