What are the benefits of Parker Air Header Manifolds?


For Low Pressure – up to 275 psi
Air Distribution Applications
Manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel the air header distribution manifold offers complete customer system compatibility that reduces installation time and potential leak paths.

The coded welded construction with non destructive tested design
minimises the number of potential leak paths, rather than fabricating with instrumentation connections with tubing, therefore reducing labour costs.

The air header distribution manifolds are designed for use with air only and are supplied with a number of lockable ball valves
on opposite sides, right side or left side only to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Lockable handles prevent accidental manual actuation of outlet valve
  • Reduction in assembly time
  • 316L nominal bore body as standard removes the possibility of internal scaling
  • Greater volume capacity supporting fluctuations in air compressor supply
  • Guaranteed full penetration welds – Coded welding and non destructive testing (NDT) as standard.
For more information on Parker’s Air Header Manifolds, please feel free to fill out our contact form below and a member of KC Controls will be in contact.

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