Are you looking for an obsolete or current Parker or competitor part? By using the web-based Cross Reference and Interchange application, Parker deliver! The tool is built on direct feedback from customers and distributors to provide a quicker, easier way to access competitive cross-reference information and parts. The resulting tool aggregates all of Parker’s cross reference and interchange tools into one user-friendly interface.

Why Cross-Reference?

We gathered feedback from a gamut of customers- OEMs, engineers, MROs, and distributors who indicated they would use the Cross Reference & Competitor Interchange tool because they want:

  • Shorter lead time than their current vendor.
  • Lower cost than their current vendor.
  • To stay with Parker but the part they had used is obsolete.
  • Alternatives when a company that makes their part no longer exists.


Customer benefits

  • Ability to cross-reference and make an interchange with competitor’s parts.
  • Find a replacement for an obsolete part and alternative parts.
  • Find the replacement part quickly, 24/7, from anywhere, without having to make a phone call.


Parts are available for the following product categories with more being added daily:

  • EMI Shielding
  • Filters, Separators, Purifiers
  • Fittings and Quick Couplings
  • Hose, Piping, Tubing and T-Slot Framing
  • Motors, Drives and Controllers
  • Pumps
  • Valves

Quicker, easier, and faster results

Using Parker’s Cross-Reference tool is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply enter a competitor’s complete or partial part number or a Parker complete or partial part number and the results will display suggested Parker functionally equivalent parts.


Getting started

Start by visiting the Cross-Reference & Competitive Interchange web portal. After agreeing to the disclaimer statement, you will see this.

Please note that the only option is to choose is the [Search] bar at the top. You will notice that the drop-down menus on the left are grayed out or disabled. That will change to accessible after you enter in your part number.

In the [Search] box, you can enter a single part, or up to 5 parts separated by commas. Even if you do not have the full part number, you can type in as little as two characters to have results displayed.

Automatic selection of Contains vs. Exact

  • If 2 characters are entered, Exact search results are automatically displayed.
  • If 3 or more characters are entered, Contains search results are displayed, with Exact matches displayed first. I.e. all parts that contain the string of characters entered in the search box.
  • Up to 100 results are displayed. At the bottom end of the results, is a [Show More] bar. Clicking on that will display more results if they are available.


Example 1– In this example, you are looking for a replacement part from the manufacturer Weatherhead (Eaton) and have a partial part number of 1001.

Step 1– Type 1001 into the [Search] bar.

Step 2– Use the left column [Filter by] navigation menu to narrow your search results.

  • [Cross From] is the Manufacturer’s name.
  • [Product Type] are each of the product categories that resulted from the number entered in the [Search] bar.
  • [Division] is Parker’s part division.


From the [Results] menu:

  • [Type] is Parker’s part category.
  • [Cross From] is the Manufacturer.
  • [Part Number] is the complete part number.
  • [Cross to Parker] is Parker’s equivalent or interchange part.
  • [Fit] – if a green checkmark is displayed. Fit refers to the ability of the part or feature to connect to, mate with, or join to another feature or part within an assembly.
  • [Comments] are brief descriptions. A comment in yellow means you can hover your mouse over it and description will display.
  • [Where to buy] – clicking on this takes you to the Product Locator.


Step 3– Once you have identified your [Type] category, use the left navigation menu to further filter your results. Use the [Cross From] drop-down menu, you can type in the first few characters of the manufacturer’s name, to find the manufacturer [Weatherhead Eaton].

Step 4– As only two results display, there is no need to narrow your search further. However, if you click on the [Product Type] drop-down menu, one type will appear, which is the [Hose, Piping, Tubing, and T-slot Framing] category.

Clicking on the [Division] drop-down menu, [Hose Products Division] will display as the available choice.

Step 5– You have found your interchange [Part Number] H10012. Under the [Cross To Parker] column the part is hyperlinked to the Push-Lok Higher Pressures Multipurpose hose product page.

You have several options to work with on this page. You can:

  • View Series Page for the technical specifications.
  • Share/Email and Print.
  • Request a Quote.
  • Find a Distributor from the Where to Buy button.


Example 2-  In this example, you are searching for a replacement for an Alco Filter. You do not have the full part number but know that it contains [123].


Step 1– Type [123] into the [Search] bar to display the results.


Step 2– As you know the manufacturer, you can choose by name from the [Cross From] drop-down menu on the left side navigation menu.


Step 3- From the results, you will see under the [Cross to Parker] that one part [BF7663] is available on parker.com. Clicking on that hyperlink takes you to the Hastings – Spin-on Fuel Filters product page. The other parts displayed above are available by clicking on the [Where to Buy] to locate a distributor near you. Simply enter your zip code.

We hope you have found this post helpful and will utilize our Cross-Reference & Competitor Interchange tool frequently and for all of your replacement part needs! Be sure and bookmark this post and the application itself for future use.

For more information on Parker’s products, please feel free to fill out our contact form below and a member of KC Controls will be in contact.

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