Ricky & Pat Retire


It is very unusual to have two people retiring at the same time, but after 29 and 10 years of dedicated hard work with KC Controls, husband and wife Ricky and Pat are setting their sights on a well-deserved retirement to spend more time exploring new adventures.

After coming to the UK from Rhodesia and taking a course on computer literacy, Ricky joined Foxboro and worked processing orders for 13 years. He came to KC Controls in 1992 and continued to look after and process customers’ orders for another 29 years.

Pat joined KC Controls in 2011 as a Sales Coordinator after working for a company called Airbase in Crawley. Pat also worked for Foxboro as an invoice and shipping clerk from 1973 to 1990.

KC Controls appreciate the loyalty and commitment both Ricky and Pat have given over their time with us. It has been a real pleasure to work with them, both were not only an inspiration but role models to our employees. They will both be missed greatly.

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