Save Energy and Cut Aeration Costs with the New Optical DO sensor


Aeration systems typically use more than half the electricity consumed in a wastewater treatment facility. So, when operational decisions are based on incorrect dissolved oxygen readings, they can create significant unnecessary electrical energy costs, as well as impacting treatment effectiveness. The new ADS420 smart optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensor delivers the essential measurements that help you avoid those costs.

Smart, reliable, accurate DO measurement made easy

Designed to work the way you want to work, the new ADS420 utilizes the latest generation of drift-free optical measurement technology – minimizing operational costs and removing the need for routine calibration. Compact, robust, and digitally enabled it features ABB’s EZLink™ technology, allowing for more efficient measurement and simpler deployment.

EPA compliant technology

Using reliable and proven optical dissolved oxygen method which meets EPA approval.

No need for routine calibration

The digital SmartCap is preloaded with calibration coefficients – simply snap on and start measuring.

Simplified measurement

Access essential sensor data, and support through the EZLink Connect app, for added convenience.

Save energy and cut aeration costs with the new ADS420 optical DO sensor


Typically, aeration requires more than half of the electricity consumed in a typical waste water treatment facility.

To put this into perspective: In a typical mid-sized US city, 30% – 40% of the energy use results from wastewater treatment operations.

Up to 25% of a city’s total energy use is related to aeration, and WWTPs are rarely operated at design – on average plants run at only one-third of capacity.

Mounting Configurations

Versatile, compact design for easy mounting and installation.

Floating ball

Ensures a constant submersion depth, with varying water levels.


Mount directly onto a pole using the ¾” NPT thread or ABB pole mounting kit.


Chain mount kit for cost-effective open channel installation.


Quick disconnect T-piece for inline pipe mounting.

Take control of your aeration process

ABB’s new ADS420 DO sensor helps you to:

Reduce energy consumption

Lower your operational costs

Improve operational efficiency

Work the way you want to work, with the ADS420.

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