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Maximize food and beverage quality, consistency and safety with our measurement and analytics solutions.

Our measurement and analytical solutions comprise of a wide portfolio of flow, pressure, temperature and level sensors, water and gas analyzers, plus industry trusted recorders and controllers. They are all designed to help food and beverage producers maximize the performance of their plant and meeting standard and regulation in the Food and Beverage Industry.



Hygienic Gauge pressure transmitter PGF100

Model PGF100 is the new gauge pressure transmitter from ABB, designed to fit sanitary, food & beverage processes while providing value on what matters the most. Its compact stainless steel housing grants robustness, resistance to humidity and vibration, while...

The Whey Forward

  FRANK FRENZEL – Milk is a complex mixture of substances that is processed to make a large variety of finished products such as butter, yogurt, cheese, cream and so on. In larger dairies, milk is treated in largely automated, closed production lines. Due to the...

ABB paperless recorders help ensure round-the-clock quality control of meat products

A manufacturer and supplier of meat products to the food industry is using two ABB RVG200 paperless data recorders to help ensure its products are produced to the highest levels of safety and quality. Used by the food producer to monitor and record temperatures in...

Temperature monitoring in fridges, freezers and cold rooms

Companies are obliged to monitor cold storage areas, particularly those used for storing frozen foods (for example, ice cream, meat and fish) and chilled products (for example yoghurt, prepared meals and cheeses). Examples of typical minimum storage temperatures are:...

Protecting the Flavour of Craft Beers – the Benefits of Sterile Filtration

As new markets emerge and off trade consumption increases, the shelf-life of canned and bottled craft beer has become increasingly important. Brewers of craft beers carefully select and balance the ingredients to generate the unique and distinctive characteristics of...

Ensuring production line equipment safety remains a core consideration

Despite the best efforts of manufacturing companies, problems with product quality can and do occur that can potentially have both reputation and financial consequences. Batch monitoring and recording can help to ensure that, in the event of a problem, the affected...

Foam Measurement and Control with Lasers

Laser transmitters have been applied with great success in the measurement and control of foam, which is an integral part of many industrial processes. Foaming can be present in many industrial processes like water & wastewater treatment, oil & gas, food & beverage,...

Sterile Filtration Technology Driving Change in the Brewing Industry

The microbial stabilization of beer is of critical importance for the shelf-life of beers – and as beers are exported all over the world, it’s vital that their original characteristics still remain intact when they arrive in the glasses of thirsty...

Pressure measurement in the dairy industry

Milk is a commodity that is widely consumed worldwide, despite its high perishability and short shelf-life. Modern processing and pressure measurement instrumentation capabilities have dramatically improved the stability of milk-based goods which are susceptible to...

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