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Hycontrol Bar Graph Displays

Hycontrol Bar Graph Displays
KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Bar Graph Displays Data Sheet

Provides not only 4 digits numerical display with bargraph analog output indicator but also 6 relay setting points. It makes users to tell Process setting position without difficulties by bargraph indicator. In general, it is an easy applied and understand model to customers.

PB-2471 is designed for dual channel applications. It can measure 2 input signals simultaneously by only one meter. Also, it supports 2 channels analog output signals and 4 relay contacts. To users, it provides both convenient panel layout operation and relatively lower cost when compared with using two panel meters.

PB-1570 and PB-1470 are horizotal mounting design, all functions are same as vertical models.

  • Dual Display Option.
  • Multiple Inputs / Outputs.
  • RS485 Options.
  • Tank Linearisation.
  • Volume Conversion.
  • 101 Segment Bargraph

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