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Parker Instrument Pipe and ISO Conversion Fittings


Parker Instrumentation Pipe Fittings are designed as leakfree connections for process, power, instrumentation and general plumbing applications. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are available in broad ranges of sizes, materials and configurations.

Parker Instrumentation Pipe fittings are made at the Instrumentation Connectors Division of Parker Hannifin in Huntsville, Alabama where strict adherence to quality control programs are maintained. These quality standards are incorporated in a total efficiency program called Parker Targets.

The Parker Targets Program is a measure of the efficiency with which the company transforms materials, employee efforts, machinery and information into customer-satisfying products and services. Consequently, Instrumentation Pipe fittings as products of Parker Targets effectively guarantee to customers that they are receiving the highest quality fittings available.

Parker ISO Conversion Fittings are designed to the highest quality standards to allow connections between  components and systems which use both NPT and ISO Thread configurations. Conversion fittings are maintained under strict quality control programs.


Parker ISO Conversion Fittings are designed to the most commonly used ISO thread forms. These thread forms are used where pressure tight joints are either made on threads utilizing a thread sealant or where pressure tight joints utilize a peripheral seal on the face of the mating component.


Parker ISO Conversion Fittings are standard in stainless steel and brass. Other materials may be special ordered within the Parker Quick Response Department. Straight fittings are manufactured from applicable ASTM bar stock specifications shaped fittings are manufactured from close grain forgings.

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