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ABB TTF300 Field mounted Temperature Transmitter

KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  TTF300 Data Sheet

The new generation of HART Temperature Transmitters

The TTF300 HART temperature transmitter in proven 2-wire technology features a multitude of new functions and enhanced diagnostic information. The driver-independent configuration possibilities of the TTF300 are new and unique through the LCD display controlled by temperature transmitter and the DSV401 (SMART VISION) device management tool or the FDT/DTM technology. The TTF300 is based on the latest technology and by 2008 will replace the proven head-mounted TH202 transmitters first introduced in 1998.
  • Universal sensor input (RTD, thermo couple, Ohm, mV)
  • Various sensor error-calibration possibilities (one point, two point, Callendar-van-Dusen)
  • Sensor Backup / autom. Sensor redundancy switching (2x Pt100 3-wire connection)
  • Freestyle characteristics (32 supporting points)
  • Output signal (temperature linear), 4…20 mA, HART signal
  • Accuracy 0.1 %, long-term stability 0.05 % per year
  • IP 66 / IP 67, NEMA 4X aluminum or stainless steel field-mount housing
  • Transmitter-controlled LCD display with TTF300 configuration options

Resistance thermometers
Resistance-remote signalling unit (0 ... 5000 Ω)
Voltages, mV transmitter (-125 ... 1100 mV)

Input functionality
1 or 2 sensors (e.g. 2 x Pt100 3-L)
Sensor backup/redundancy
Sensor drift monitoring

2-wire technique
4 ... 20 mA temperature linear
HART signal

Measurement error
0,1 K

Specific linearization
Callendar van Dusen coefficients
Customer specific curve / 32 tie points

Continuous sensor and self-monitoring
Supply voltage monitoring
Wire break and corrosion monitoring (NE 89)
Extended diagnostics (NE 107)

Device safety in accordance with NE 53, NE 79

Approvals for explosion protection
intrinsically safe: ATEX EEx ia (Zone 0), FM, CSA
non-incendive: ATEX EEx n A
Dust-ignition proof: ATEX / Zone 20
air tight: ATEX / Zone 1, FM, CSA

Display with TTF300 configuration function

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