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ABB Infra-red Measurement Devices

Infra-Red technology
KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  Infra-Red Measurement Data Sheet

Handheld and stationary non-contact temperature measurement

Mobile handsets
Temperature measuring handsets for quick measurements at quality control, maintenance, service.

  • LS: userfriendly portable IR-Thermometer with exact measuring spot size marking
  • MS: cost-effective version with measuring spot center marking

Stationary Process Instruments
Quick acquisition of process-related temperatures for loop control, safety monitoring, production control, quality assurance. Easy installation.

  • CS: compact, programmable sensors for OEM applications
  • CT: universal rugged sensor for several spectralranges, fast responsetimes and smallest measuring spot sizes. Optional with laser sighting unit.
  • Fast and compact Thermal-IR-Imagers with USB interface. Smart Camera



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