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Parker Manifolds

Parker offers manifolds for hydraulic valves, instrument pressure and flow measuring systems, and heat-pump and air conditioning unit liquid lines. Hydraulic valve manifolds are available from single cartridge valve manifolds to integrated hydraulic circuit manifolds.

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Parker Distribution Manifolds

  • Maximum number of valves: 20 (even numbers only - spare valves can be blanked off)
  • Valve style: Hi-Pro Ball style (10mm bore)
  • Maximum size main inlet: 1" pipe thread, 2" socket weld, 2" flange
  • Minimum size main inlet: 1/4" female pipe thread/tube or pipe socket weld

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Parker Flange Manifolds

This manifold is designed to replace conventional multiple-valve instrument installations. By combining customer specified valves into a single manifold the number of leak paths is reduced and the mass of the system is lowered which reduces the stresses from loading and vibration. This manifold is machined from a one piece integral forging and features ball, O.S.&Y. and needle valves in combination or all of a single design2,3 4 wire Transmitter

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Parker H-Series Two Valve Manifolds

  • Remote mount static pressure manifolds
  • High Pressure 10,000 psig (689 barg) manifolds
  • Direct Mount Static Pressure Manifolds
  • Flanged Connected Static Pressure Manifolds
  • Miniature Static Pressure Manifolds

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Parker H-Series Three/Five Valve Manifolds

  • Stand unit through manifold range
  • Operating threads outside washout area
  • Externally adjustable gland
  • Low operating torque
  • Alternative 10,000 psig (689 barg) range available 

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Parker Hi-Pro Manifolds

  • Two piece body design - minimal leakage paths
  • 4:1 Pressure boundary designed safety factor
  • Designed to comply with requirements of ANSI/ASME B16.34 where applicable
  • Bi-directional
  • PEEK and PTFE standard ball seat materials

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Parker Pneumatic Manifolds

Manifold mounting

IEM stackable manifold system is designed to give maximum flexibility to system designers. Individual manifold bases stack together to form lightweight custom length manifold that can easily be modified to accommodate changes to system requirements. 4 wire, Two Part System 

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Parker Instrument Enclosure's

Parker Instrumentation provide a range of rugged enclosures for field-mounted process instruments. Three sizes of enclosures are available for housing one, two or three process instruments. These enclosures are supported by an assembly service that will provide them ready for field use - with manifold and tubing connections for pressure, flow, temperature or other common process variable instruments, and any accessories required.Multi-point scanning system

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Parker CCISM

Innovations in the design of primary isolation valves and manifolds for mounting pressure instrumentation can deliver enormous advantages to both instrument and piping engineers, ranging from significantly enhanced measurement accuracy, to simpler installation and reduced maintenance. Single-point, Two Part System 

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