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ABB Pneumatic Pressure Transmitters

Deltapi N Series

Overview & Data

The Deltapi N series pneumatic transmitters provides a standard output pressure signal from a variety of inputs: flow, pressure, differential pressure or level of liquids, steam, gas or air. The transmitter may be divided into two main units: the measuring unit, which detects the measuring value and the transmission unit containing the pneumatic transducer. The transmission unit is common to all the models. All working parts are completely protected by a weatherproof housing.
  • Base accuracy 0,5%
  • Low air consumption
  • Field-proven instrument
  • Wide optional features (bellows, filter, manifold, oxygen service)
  • Materil selection included Nace conformity


TypeSpanStatic pressure
N-AA Differential pressure Adjustable from
2.5 to 170 kPa
Max. 10 MPa
N-AB Differential pressure Adjustable from
0.6 to 7.5 kPa
Max. 7.5 MPa
N-AD Differential pressure Adjustable from
7 to 170 kPa
Max. 41 MPa
N-AE Type Differential pressure
with remote seals
Adjustable from
10 to 170 kPa
Max. 6.4 MPa
N-BC Absolute pressure Adjustable from
2.5 to 170 kPa
Overrange limit 2.5 MPa
N-BD Absolute pressure Adjustable from
1.2 to 7.5 kPa
Overrange limit 0.5 MPa
N-DB Gauge pressure Adjustable from
170 to 14000 kPa
Overrange limit 28 MPa
N-DD Gauge pressure
For application
with viscous
fluids or slurries
Adjustable from 170 to 14000 kPa Overrange limit 28 MPa
N-DA Differential pressure Adjustable from
170 to 10000 kPa
Max. 10 MPa
N-DC Absolute pressure Adjustable from
170 to 1700 kPa
Overrange limit 3.5 MPa



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