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ABB TSA101 Exchangeable Measuring Insets

KC Controls HB series Ball Valves  TSA101 Data Sheet

A spare part for thermometer assemblies.

  • Easy exchangeable during operation
  • Spring loaded for best thermal contact and mechanical service
  • ATEX EEx i, EEx d and EEx D (Dust-Ex) certified

Structure of electrical thermometers

Exchangeability during operation based on modular design
Less effort for recovery with maximum flexibility and system uptime

Functionality of the modular system

Protection against mechanical and chemical stress based on thermowells of various designs
Exchangeable measuring inset generates measuring signal
Transmitter provides interface to latest process management systems

Areas of application

Offshore and coastal areas
Petroleum and natural gas production and transport
Petrochemical, chemical and energy industry
Manufacturing systems and plant engineering
General process engineering
Tank and pipeline construction
Food and drink industry

Made up of mineral-insulated cable

High vibration resistance, ductility, temperature capacity and electrical insulation

Spring-loaded attachment to base plate

This ensures the measuring inset tip is pressed against the bottom of the thermowell. This results in:

- short response times
- Reduce natural oscillation


For mounting on approved TSP temperature sensors:
- Intrinsically safe, hermetically sealed, dust ignition proof
- GOST Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraina



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