Optek - 21/02/2011

Condensate and Cooling Water

Heat Exchanger Leak Detection

Heat exchanger leak detection is an important standard application for many processors. Companies in all industries increasingly demand the measurement of oils, aromatics, or undissolved hydrocarbons in the ppm range. For this purpose, optek inline photometers have been proven worldwide as a reliable solution.

Trace oil in water detection provides advanced warning of oil contamination in water or condensate streams. Optek TF16-N scattered light turbidimeters can easily detect trace contamination in heat exchanger cooling, heating and reclaim lines.

By using optek photometers in heat exchanger cooling/heating lines, a pinhole leak can be detected and repairs can be made before breakdown occurs. Also, costs are reduced because heat exchanger maintenance can be scheduled to minimize process downtime. This ensures proper operation of the heat exchanger and reduces the risk of bacterial growth in the heating/cooling system.


Optek photometers ensure that condensate is free from contaminants allowing it to be reused for boiler feed or other processes. This has proven to be an extremely beneficial process improvement, protecting equipment and reducing water usage, treatment chemicals, and wastewater costs.


There is a chance of carryover in any area where water is used to heat or cool the process stream. An Optek inline photometer is an excellent tool for immediate detection of process contaminants.

In applications where the process stream consists of undissolved oil or solids, an optek TF16-N scattered light turbidimeter can detect the total particle content. By measuring in the Near Infrared (NIR) the measurement will not be affected by color or color changes.

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