261 Pressure Transmitter - 01/04/2011

Cost Effective

The 261 series provides a high quality, cost effective transmitter that can be used in a wide range of pressure applications. With a robust housing made completely from 316 stainless steel, the 261 series is designed to withstand even the harshest environment.

With a base accuracy of 0.1%, the 261 series provides outstanding performance for gauge and absolute measurement in all applications, including: draft range and high pressure. A wide range of process connections allows you flexibility in meeting your application requirements. The userfriendly display allows simple and intuitive transmitter operation and interfaced with any asset management software solution enabling confi guration and diagnostic support.

  • Compact housing
  • Maintenance free due to ABB's reliable well-proven sensor technology
  • Easy operation and set up via the graphic display with intuitive menu navigation
  • Wide choice of process connections to suit multiple installations
  • Designed to meet both CIP and SIP applications
  • HART digital communication



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