Your power and water & waste water applications easily mastered: - 10/05/2011

The CoriolisMaster enables the measurement of mass and volume flow, density, concentration and temperature with a single measuring instrument. It is also well-proven for lime milk density measurement. Contrary to radioactive density measurement no radioactive material is required for Coriolis measurement.

Other typical applications are the dosing of expensive biocides and high-precision fuel supply to burners in power plants where an important increase in efficiency is achieved through direct fuel mass flow measurement.

Product details 

  • Direct mass flow measurement with an accuracy of ±0.1% of range.
  • Density measurement with an accuracy of 0.001 kg/l.
  • Process safety through sturdy design and thick wall tubes.
  • Virtually wear-free, no moving mechanical parts contained.
  • Heatable up to 200 °C / 392 °F.
  • Insensitive to noise for example from external vibrations or from gas and solid content in the fluid.

Examples of typical fluids

• Crude oil • Diesel • Biodiesel • Ethanol

• Lime • Milk • Ferrous oxide • Biocide

 Iron salt • Solution • Demineralized water

Coriolis Power Applications



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