Gas Analytical: Magnos206 Oxygen Analyser - 28/11/2011

The Magnos206 is based on the magnetomechanical measuring principle. Thanks to the short T90 time, the Magnos206 is also suitable for measuring rapid changes in the concentration of the sample gas. The ability to freely select measuring ranges and set suppressed ranges means that the analyser can be easily adapted to specific measurement tasks. Calibration of the zero-point is only required once a month using air or nitrogen.

Typical applications

− Oxygen purity measurement

− Air separation plants

− Biogas monitoring

− Process gas monitoring

− Emission monitoring

Sample component


Measuring ranges

− Smallest measuring range: 0...2 Vol.-% O2

− Largest measuring range: 0...100 Vol.-% O2

− Measuring range suppression max. 1:50,
e.g. 98...100 Vol.-% O2

− Two measuring ranges


− Zero- and end-point calibration with nitrogen and air or test gas mixtures is only required once a month

− Zero-point calibration with ambient air

− Automatic calibration

Oxygen analyzer Magnos206

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