Applicaton Special : The Sigirst ColorPlus in-line - 29/11/2013

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Application Special
Measure colour to guarantee and maintain product quality…
The Challenge
It is particularly important in a modern brewery that a high quality is reached and that this high quality is then continuously ensured. Certain processes during the production of beer necessitate the measurement of colour in the process. 

At the blending stage, there are two differ processes which can be applied depending on the output capacity. Breweries which produce “high gravity" beers have the advantage of a higher output capacity as well as less thermal, in particular cooling energy per hl beer sold.  Smaller breweries with a lower capacity will have a difference process since they do not have a capacity bottleneck or they are not permitted to do so under the beer tax laws (e.g. in Germany).

The Solution
The ColorPlus in-line : Measure color to guarantee and maintain product quality
Breweries with “high gravity” blending plants add deaerated water, CO2 and rye malt beer or caramel colour to the beer.

Breweries without “high gravity" brewing are similar but the blending plant’s main purpose is to keep the threshold values of the original wort because of the beer tax laws. In addition, CO2 is added to compensate fluctuations resulting in the storage cellar.

In both, colour dosing is carried out to either have a more uniform colour value by fine tuning or to dose much rye malt beer in order to create beers which were not made like that in the brew house (e.g. dark beer from pils).
The Benefits

Losses of rye malt beer can be minimized and constant product quality can be guaranteed to the highest precision. Colour measurement according to MEBAK / EBC / ASBC- Standard with 430 nm is ensured : 

- Measuring range : 0-10 EBC (0-50EBC)
- Resolution : 0.003 EBC (0.016 EBC)
- Reproducibility : +/- 0.1 EBC (+/- 0.5 EBC)

The ColorPlus’ compact design makings fitting the unit simple and easy and Varivent®  housing mounting is standard. A EHEDG approved hygienic design makes using the device in production safe and it is fully suitable for all CIP and SIP processes.

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