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The Brewing Process (1 of 3)

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We understand that there's stiff competition within the brewing industry due to our current economic climate. Costs must be kept low and final product quality must be very high. As a brewer/micro brewer you have to maintain the consistency of each process of beer making, thus maintaining the high quality of your final product.

In this 3 part Campaign, we will provide you with the benefits of looking into the key brewing stages and the products that would help maintain the consistency at each process stage.

Mashing, Lautering and Wort boiling is potentially the core of each brewing process. It is important to maintain the filterability & stability of the Beer (shelf life) at this early stage.

A TurbiScat or TurbiGuard would be ideal at this stage, as it can be used to maintain the optimum turbidity which would help to increase its chemical-physical shelf life.

In the whirlpool, the wort is pumped into it in such a manner that it rotates (tangential inflow). This deposits the hot break, which had formed in the prior wort boiling process, in the middle of whirlpool as a trub cone.

After a whirlpool rest of about 15 minutes, the wort is drained from the whirlpool. By using a TurbiGuard at stage 2, an undesired darker colour can be avoided along with other benefits like improved flavour and foam stability.

Minimizing beer losses begins right in the Brewhouse. In order to keep the loss of the wort (on its way to the fermenting cellar) as low as possible, the pipes are chased with water at the end of the wort run.

The relatively distinct transition from wort to water can be precisely detected via a PhaseGuard, which emits a signal within seconds. Therefore ensuring that only wort, having the correct concentration, reaches fermentation tank and that no wort is lost with the waste water.
TurbiScat                                            TurbiGuard                   PhaseGuard
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